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SEC Filings

FIRST DATA CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/15/2017
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Other Fiscal 2016 Compensation

From time to time, the Committee may award sign-on bonuses or equity-based awards in connection with an NEO joining us. Sign-on awards are used only when necessary to attract highly skilled individuals. Often, they are used to offset the loss of unvested compensation as a result of leaving their current employer.

Benefits and Perquisites

We focus on performance-based compensation while providing only minimal executive benefits. We do provide to all of our employees, including our NEOs, broad-based employee benefits that are intended to attract and retain employees while providing them with retirement and health and welfare security. These include:


    a 401(k) savings plan; and
    medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance coverage, and dependent care and flexible spending accounts.

We do not currently offer defined benefit pension benefits or non-qualified retirement benefits to our NEOs. We also do not currently offer a company match in our 401(k) savings plan.

We provide our NEOs with limited perquisites and personal benefits not generally available to all employees such as reimbursements for relocation, housing, and moving expenses. In limited instances NEOs are also authorized to use the corporate aircraft for personal purposes. Per his employment agreement, Mr. Bisignano is provided with use of a car and driver and is eligible for financial planning assistance and use of the corporate aircraft. In addition, from time to time we provide tax gross-ups on perquisites in order to allow our NEOs to enjoy the full benefit of the perquisite.

Severance and Change in Control Agreements

We believe that reasonable and appropriate severance and change in control benefits are necessary in order to be competitive in First Data’s executive attraction and retention efforts. Our severance and change in control policy provides for payment rights, and benefits to the NEOs (other than Mr. Bisignano) on an involuntary termination of employment without cause. Under the policy, the cash severance is equal to one year’s base pay plus the bonus paid for the prior year before termination, if any, and a prorated bonus based on time worked during the year of termination. For Mr. McCarthy, this amount may not be less than twelve (12) months of salary plus his target bonus current set at $1,750,000. As a condition to receiving severance, all participating NEOs must release First Data and its employees from all claims they may have against them and agree to a number of restrictive covenants which are structured to protect us from potential loss of customers or employees and to prohibit the release of confidential company information. For Mr. Bisignano, his employment agreement described below provides for a cash severance payment equal to (1) the greater of (a) $9.5 million or (b) two times the sum of his base salary and the average of his annual incentive payments paid in cash in respect of the two fiscal years prior to the date of his termination and (2) a pro rata portion of the annual incentive payment that would have otherwise been payable if he had remained employed through such year.

Share Ownership Guidelines

We have an equity retention policy for our directors, NEOs, and all other members of our Management Committee, which require them to maintain a minimum share ownership level throughout their employment. Equity retention requirements are also in place for our highly compensated employees.