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SEC Filings

FIRST DATA CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/15/2017
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     directors with a written charter addressing the committee’s purpose and responsibilities; and

    the requirement that we have a nominating and corporate governance committee that is composed entirely of independent directors.

As a result, we do not have a majority of independent directors on our Board and we do not have a nominating and corporate governance committee or a compensation committee that is composed entirely of independent directors. In the event that we cease to be a “controlled company,” we will comply with these provisions within the transition periods specified in the corporate governance rules of the NYSE.

Meetings of the Board and Director Attendance at Annual Meeting

Our Board held 7 meetings in 2016. Each director attended at least 90% of all of the meetings of the Board and committees of the Board on which he or she served in 2016.

Periodically at the end of Board meetings our Lead Director presides at an executive session without any management directors present. These sessions allow the directors to discuss important issues, including the business and affairs of First Data as well as matters concerning management, without any member of management present. In addition, an executive session including only independent directors is held at least once a year. Ms. Miller, as Chairperson of the Risk Committee, presides at such executive sessions. Members of the Audit Committee, Governance, Compensation and Nominations Committee, and Risk Committee also meet in executive session as needed.

Directors are expected to attend our annual meetings of shareholders absent extraordinary circumstances, and all directors except one attended the 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Director Nominations

Our Board is responsible for nominating directors for election by the shareholders and filling any new positions or vacancies on the Board that may occur. The Governance, Compensation and Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying, screening, and recommending candidates to the Board for Board membership. Shareholders may also propose nominees for consideration by the Committee by writing to First Data Secretary, c/o General Counsel Office, First Data Corporation, 225 Liberty Street, 29th Floor, New York, New York 10281.

Nominees for director are selected on the basis of experience, integrity, skills, diversity, independence, ability to make independent analytical inquiries, understanding of First Data’s business environment, and willingness to devote adequate time to Board duties -- all in the context of an assessment of the perceived needs of the Board at that point in time. The Board believes that its membership should reflect a diversity of experience, gender, race, ethnicity, and age. In formulating its recommendations, the Governance, Compensation and Nominations Committee will consider recommendations offered by any shareholder, director, or officer of First Data.

Director Independence

Each year our Board determines which of our directors are independent. Under our Corporate Governance Guidelines, to be considered “independent” a director (1) must meet the independence standards under the NYSE listing standards; and (2) the Board must affirmatively determine that the director otherwise has no material relationship with First Data directly, or as an officer, shareholder, or partner of an organization that has a relationship with First Data. In making its independence determinations, the Board reviews any material direct and indirect relationships between each director and First Data, as well as the compensation and other payments each director received from or made to First Data. Our Board has determined that Ms. Miller, Mr. Nevels, and Ms. Yastine are independent directors. For Ms. Miller, our Board considered her son’s