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SEC Filings

FIRST DATA CORP filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/15/2017
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Audit Committee Pre-approval of Service of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm

Our Audit Committee has established a policy to pre-approve all audit and non-audit services provided by the independent registered public accounting firm. These services may include audit services, audit-related services, tax services, and other services. Under the policy, our Audit Committee reviews and pre-approves services that may be provided by the independent registered public accounting firm. The pre-approval is detailed as to the particular service or category of services and is subject to a specific budget. Once pre-approved, the services and pre-approved amounts are monitored against actual charges incurred and modified if appropriate. The Chairperson of the Committee has the authority to pre-approve such services between meetings of our Audit Committee and such pre-approvals are reported to our Audit Committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

During 2016, all audit and non-audit services provided by Ernst & Young LLP were pre-approved by our Audit Committee or, consistent with the pre-approval policy of our Audit Committee, by the Chairperson of our Audit Committee for inter-meeting pre-approvals.

In the event the shareholders fail to ratify the appointment, the Audit Committee will consider it a direction to select other auditors for the subsequent year. Even if the selection is ratified, the Audit Committee, in its discretion, may select a new independent registered public accounting firm at any time during the year if it feels that such a change would be in the best interest of First Data and its shareholders.

The Board of Directors recommends that you vote FOR proposal 2.