Overview of First Data Capital Structure

Capital Structure
($ in millions)
TrancheRateCall DateCall PriceMaturityPar Amount
Extended Revolver( $1,250 million)L+3502020$269
A/R Securitization L+2002019$233
Capital Leases Short and LongVariousVarious$226
Term LoanL+3502018$4,068 
Term LoanL+3502018$1,008 
Term LoanL+4002021$1,179
Term LoanL+3752022$2,487
First Lien Notes6.750%11/01/2016103.3752020$1,398 
First Lien Notes5.375%08/15/2018102.6882023$1,210
First Lien Notes5.000%01/15/2019102.5002024$1,900
Senior Secured5.09%   $13,977 
Second Lien Notes5.750%01/15/2019102.8752024$2,200
Second Lien5.75%   $2,200
Senior Unsecured Notes7.00%12/01/2018103.5002023$3,400
Senior Unsecured7.00%   $3,400
Total Debt5.50%   $19,577
Net Debt  $19,266

Note: Note: $5B of term loan notional value swapped from floating to fixed rate. LIBOR based upon one month rate of as March 2016.

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